Focusing on the quality of workmanship, Majorica pearls are made one-by-one through an intensely time consuming process, just as if they were being formed in an oyster. Majorica uses methods and organic components provided by nature to create man-made pearls that are perfect in terms of luster, shape, color and size.

Majorica Jewelry creates artisan designs that replicate the look of real. Majorica offers pearl colors and sizes that exist only in nature, including pearls ranging in size from 4mm to 22mm in a variety of colors such as white, Tahitian, champagne, and pink, among others. Majorica pearls are accented with sterling silver or 18-karat gold vermeil. All pearls are hand strung and double-knotted and handset in jewelry.

Each Majorica piece is backed by a 10-year International Warranty entitling the owner to request a free replacement of any pearls that show a manufacturing defect or deterioration not attributable to improper use.

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